Episode 03: From Local Meets to Raw Nationals – How to Balance Training with Everything Else ft. Danielle Bond, Kerry Sachs, and Dave Rocklage

Kevin Cann hosts three TeamTPS lifters who just got back from competing at 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals. Danielle competed in the 84+kg female class, Kerry competed in the 52kg female class, and Dave competed in the 105kg male class. All three balance full time jobs, other life responsibilities with training at a nationally competitive level. Listen to our lifters chat about things they wish they knew when they started competing in powerlifting, how they got into powerlifting, and advice for beginner lifters thinking about competing.

Visit us and come train at Total Performance Sports in Boston, Mass., at 150 Charles Street, Malden, MA.

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Intro/outro music from freemusicarchive.org
Artist: MELLViNS
Track: Way Down Below

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