Episode 04: The Pee Problem in Powerlifting: How to Help Stop Female Incontinence ft. Sophie Veiras, PT, DPT

TPS intern coach Soph gets on the mic with Kevin Cann to talk about pee on the platform at USAPL Raw Nationals, and what women can do to try and fix the problem before it happens. Soph also talks about her time as a powerlifter and how she’s eased this problem in her own lifting.

Sophie Veiras is an intern coach at TPS and works full-time as a physical therapist at Bay State Physical Therapy in Roxbury, Mass. Sophie holds her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northeastern University, and was formerly the president of the Northeastern University powerlifting team where she learned to train both raw and single-ply. She is an IPF World Champion after winning the 63kg Raw Collegiate class at the IPF World University Cup in 2016, and placed second at USAPL Open Nationals in 2017 hitting a single-ply 477.5kg/1050lb total. You can contact Sophie at sophia.veiras@gmail.com, and follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/soph.squats.

Visit us and come train at Total Performance Sports in Boston, Mass., at 150 Charles Street, Malden, MA.

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Intro/outro music from freemusicarchive.org
Artist: MELLViNS
Track: Way Down Below

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