Episode 17: The Champion Mentality ft. Jennifer Thompson

We had the incredible chance to talk to IPF World Champion Jennifer Thompson. Jen competes in the -63kg open and M1 class is one of the GOATs of raw, drug-free powerlifting (especially in the bench press) and is also one of the nicest people to talk to in the sport.

– Jen’s entry into lifting and the sport of powerlifting
– Her transition from equipped to raw
– The champion mentality behind overcoming defeat
– How Jen overcame her hip injury in 2017
– Bringing her family into the sport
– Feeding off the crowd’s energy at meets
– The rise of female powerlifting and its impact on the sport
– Jen’s future competition plans

You can follow Jen on Instagram at @jenthompson132, on Youtube at 132 Pounds of Power, and on her website http://www.132poundsofpower.com/.

Interested in in-person or online powerlifting coaching? Check out Precision Powerlifting Systems online or on Instagram.

You can follow Kevin on Instagram at @kwcann and Alyssa at @alyssaliftsthings.

Intro/outro music from freemusicarchive.org
Artist: MELLViNS
Track: Way Down Below

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