Episode 66: Training as a Skill ft. Jacob Tsypkin

Kevin hops on the mic this week with Coach Jacob Tsypkin to chat all things transference and anarchy in strength training.

This episode’s highlights include:
– Progress within programming
– What training means to different athletes
– The mess that training can be
– Skill development vs. training as a skill
– Mental fortitude in training

Jacob is the owner of Anarchos Training Methods. He began CrossFit in 2005, owned a gym for seven years, and switched to programming and remote coaching full time in 2014, after realizing he was just truly bad at mopping floors. You can also follow him on Instagram at @anarchostrainingmethods, and buy his book Fitness as Sport here.

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Intro/outro music from freemusicarchive.org
Artist: MELLViNS
Track: Way Down Below

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