Episode 70: Self-Efficacy and Social Cognitive Theory in Powerlifting

Today, Alyssa Orlando joins Kevin on the show to talk about self-efficacy and social cognitive theory from a learning and education perspective, and how those principles apply to powerlifting. Alyssa is a Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell where she is studying educational leadership.

This show covers:
– Why your mindset affects your training
– Theoretical science behind self-efficacy and the belief in one’s self
– Social cognitive theory’s links to powerlifting
– Why more coaches and strength training professionals should implement theories of learning into their training

Let us know that you like this episode by giving us a 5-star rating or a review on Apple Podcasts! We are always looking for feedback to make the episodes even better. If you’re interested in being on the show or know someone who would make a great guest, you can email us at alyssaliftsthings@gmail.com.

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You can follow Kevin on Instagram at @kwcann and Alyssa at @alyssaliftsthings.

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